About Me

A freelance journalist, editor and communications consultant, specialising in food, farming and the environment. The global food system is complex; as a farmer’s son with a master’s in food policy and 10 years across the sector, there are few better qualified to report, analyse and communicate its importance to the public. 

Published in global media outlets and provides communication consultancy and PR services to businesses, NGOs, communications agencies and philanthropic organisations. 

My Latest Work

The beekeepers of Sine Saloum: How all-women team tends to Senegal mangrove

Experts say the management model can be adopted by communities across Senegal and elsewhere in the world.

Joal-Fadiouth, Senegal – Clutching a purse and clad from head to toe in white protective gear, Bintou Sonko removes a small metal kettle from her purse and releases smoke into one of the 50 beehives nestled in the dense mangrove outside her town in Senegal. Pacifying the bees, the 53-year-old extracts a dark golden liquid from within.

Will the real regenerative farmers please stand up?

Regenerative is undoubtedly the farming buzzword of the past few years. Food corporations are using it, there are TED Talks with millions of views and even whole farming conferences dedicated to it, like Groundswell, aka the ‘Glastonbury of farming‘.

There’s a palpable excitement that farming methods set around building soil health, eliminating chemicals and mixed farming, can seriously combat climate change and battle biodiversity loss.

But who owns the narrative surrounding regenerative farm


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